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Range of Seafood Products Available:


We always have a selection of fresh whole fish available. The range is continually changing. Do not hesitate to call or email us to enquire what whole fish we currently have on offer ... Or come in a see for yourself
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Barramundi Portions
A mild sweet flesh suitable to be fried, grilled, steamed, baked and BBQed. The flesh can be quite delicate so take care not to overcook it!
Barramundi Fillets
Spanish Mackeral Fillets High in oil content with a medium to firm texture. Suitable for high heat cooking such as BBQing, stir frying, and pan frying. Also very popular in curries and Asian style dishes.
Spanish Mackeral Fillets
Mackeral Steaks Perfect for pan frying and often used in curries. The flesh has a medium to firm texture with a high oil content
Mackeral Steaks
Saddletail Snapper (Also known as Nannygai) Fillets The raw flesh is pale pink with a medium to high fat content. Once cooked the flavour is delicate to mild and slightly sweet.
Nanygai Fillets
Red Emperor Fillets One of the best eating fish available. Firm, flaky, delicate flesh. Great for steaming, or pan-frying.
Red Emperor Fillets
Coral Trout Fillets Moist, fine-flaked flesh is sweet with relatively few bones. Ideal for a broad range of preparations. Delicious steamed with Asian flavours. This is the most expensive fish but it is well worth it!
Coral Trout Fillets
Red Throat Emperor (Also known as Sweetlip) Moist, medium to firm, sweet flesh with a mild flavour. Suitable for pan frying, grilling and steaming.
Sweet Lip Fillets
Mangrove Jack Fillets A member of the Sea Perch family this fish has a moist, sweet, light-flavoured flesh. It is delicious steamed, fried or grilled or in Asian Cuisine.
Mangrove Jack Fillets
Whiting Fillets Sweet mild flavour. The thin fillets are suitable for a wide range of cooking from steaming to pan frying. Children love their sweetness and fish finger-like ease of eating.
 Whiting Fillets
Atlantic Salmon Fillets – Skin On or Skin Off From the cold clear waters of Tasmania we get continual deliveries of whole fresh Atlantic Salmon. The flesh has a firm fresh flavour and is well suited to grilling, BBQing, pan frying and for use in kebabs and stir fries.
Atlantic Salmon Fillets
Threadfin (Also known as King Salmon)Fillets This fish is no relation to the Atlantic Salmon. The flesh is medium flavoured with broad flakes, and a clean white appearance. It suits a broad range of cooking styles such as BBQing, grilling, baking, steaming, stir fries and curries.
King Salmon Fillets
Gold Band Snapper Fillets A mild to medium flavoured firm flesh with a low oil content. There are only a few bones and these are easily removed. Great for BBQing, Pan frying, grilling and steaming.
Gold Band Snapper
Boneless Fillets – Golden Cobbler A very mild flavoured fish with no bones. Suitable for pan frying, and grilling it is great for kids. Ideal for crumbing to make fish and chips!
Mixed Reef Fillets A selection of reef fish fillets usually with medium, white, sweet tasting flesh.
Mixed Reef Fillets
Tuna Steaks
– Sashimi Grade
Perfect for sashimi and sushi.
The delicate flesh is suitable to grilling, or searing quickly on both sides leaving the centre rare allowing the sweet flesh to retain its natural moisture and flavour.
Fresh Tuna Steaks
Queenfish Fillets A firm flesh with a good flavour. Suitable for a wide range of cooking methods including grilling, poaching, shallow frying and baking.
Queenfish Fillets
Trevally Fillets The flesh is darker in colour when raw but once cooked the flesh turns brilliant white. It has a full flavour with a medium to firm texture. A high-oil fish suitable for a wide range of preparations.
Trevally Fillets
Flake Fillets Firm medium to moderate flavoured flesh with no bones. Ideal for pan frying, and BBQing.
Flake Fillets
Grunter Fillets Soft to medium texture with a mild flavour. Suitable for grilling, and pan frying. A very popular choice!
Grunter Fillets
Blue Threadfin (Also known as Blue Salmon) Fillets Fine, white textured flesh with a strong sea flavour. Ideal for pan frying, grilling, etc. An excellent fish for those who love that fishy taste!
Blue Salmon Fillets
Crimson Snapper Fillets (Also known as Nannygai) The raw flesh is pale pink with a medium to high fat content. Once cooked the flesh is moderately firm, with a mild sweet flavour.
Crimson-Snapper Fillets
Spangled Emperor Fillets (Also known as Yellow Sweetlip) A moist, firm flesh with large flakes and a low oil content. Has a mild sweet flavour once cooked.
Sweetlip-Fillets Fillets
New Zealand King Salmon Similar to Atlantic Salmon, NZ King salmon has the highest natural oil content of all salmon - a naturally rich source of healthy marine long chain Omega-3s. A 150g portion of King salmon provides the complete daily requirement of Omega-3
NZ-King-Salmon.jpg Fillets

Crabs/ Prawns / Bugs

Prawns are an excellent source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids as well as iron, zinc, and vitamin E. Low in saturated fats there could be no nicer way to look after yourself!

Our prawns are mostly caught in local waters and are always Australian and wild caught supporting our local industry. We offer a large range of cooked and green prawns. Our prawns are always of the highest quality and guaranteed to be fresh!

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Red Spot King Prawn The Red Spot King Prawn, as the name suggests is identified with the distinctive red spot along each side of its carapace. Red Spot Kings are trawled within the northern waters of Queensland and the Torres Strait. A medium to firm textured flesh with a medium prawn flavour.
 Red Spot King Prawn
Banana Prawn The banana prawn has a slightly yellow tinge hence the name “banana prawn”. It has a medium textured white flesh with a sweet flavour.
 Banana Prawn
Endeavour Prawn The endeavour prawn is not the most attractive prawn, however it has been voted the best tasting wild-caught prawn in Australia (National Prawn Fisheries Conference Adelaide Feb 2007). It has a soft to medium textured flesh with a very sweet flavour.
 Endeavour Prawn
Tiger Prawns The tiger prawn has a distinctive “striped” tiger-like appearance and once cooked is has a very attractive appearance. It has a very firm textured flesh with a medium flavour.
 Tiger Prawn
Large Green Prawns Our large green prawns are usually U10 Red Spot King Prawns or U10 Tiger Prawns. A delicious, superior, firm textured prawn. Suitable for all types of cooking, but especially impressive on the BBQ threaded on a skewer.
 Large Green Prawns
Green Prawn Cutlets Our green prawn cutlets are prepared fresh daily using green prawns straight from our display. The prawns are shelled but the tail is left on giving an impressive look to the prawn dish once cooked. Great for use in stir fries, tempura, garlic prawns and kebabs.
 Green Prawn Cutlets
Green Prawn Meat Our green prawn meat is prepared fresh daily using green prawns straight from our display. The prawns are completely shelled – all the work has been done for you! Great in stir fries, curries, garlic prawns, - any dish that requires green prawns!
 Green Prawn Meat
Mud Crab A delicious treat! We supply both live mud crabs and freshly cooked mud crabs. The flesh of the Mud Crab is beautifully sweet to taste. Our live mud crabs have their nippers tied tightly to reduce the risk of getting a painful pinch! Mud crabs are perfect to enjoy on their own. Or why not make a chilli crab dish or a crab pasta? The recipes are endless…
 Mud Crab
Moreton Bay Bugs Bugs are distinctly flavoursome with a rich, sweet taste and firm texture. Perfect to enjoy on their own or as part of a seafood platter.
 Moreton Bay Bugs
Cooked Red Claw Light-flavoured, moist meat with a firm texture. The red-claw is cousin to the freshwater yabby and are about the size of a large prawn.
 Cooked Red Claw
Cooked Sand Crabs Sand crabs are Australia’s most common crabs and are found all year round. The flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. It is firm and moist and is easily extracted from the shell.
 Cooked Sand Crabs
Green Sand Crabs We supply green (or uncooked) sand crabs. Sand Crabs don’t survive for long once out of the water, so they are not sold live. The flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. It is firm and moist and is easily extracted from the shell.
 Green Sand Crabs

Most prawns are available cooked or green depending on availability and season. Check with our friendly staff if you don’t see what you want.

For your convenience we also offer freshly peeled green prawns with the tail left on (green prawn cutlets) or completely peeled (green prawn meat).

We also offer carton buys on all of our prawns. (Refer to our specials page for the latest prices).

Scallops/ Muscles/ Squid / Oysters

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Local Scallop Meat Clean and sweet in flavour with a rich, sweet, silky texture, scallops are a delicacy! Scallops require very little cooking – overcooking will ruin the flavour and the texture. The North Queensland Scallop meat is regarded as some of the finest in the world.
 Local Scallop Meat
Baby Octopus A mild flavoured product with a firm texture, baby octopus can be BBQed, marinated, or grilled and added to salads, pastas and stir fries.
 Baby Octopus
Squid Rings A sweet subtle flavoured flesh, squid is a favourite among seafood lovers. Our squid rings are ready for cooking – all the messy cleaning and preparation is done for you. Simply add to your favourite dishes. Why not prepare some salt and pepper squid or crumbed calamari?!
 Squid Rings
Squid Tubes A sweet subtle flavoured flesh, squid tubes are great for stuffing! Why not fill them with a finely chopped marinara mix, marinate them in sweet chilli sauce, and gently pan fry. Delicious!
 Squid Tubes
Whole Local Squid If you are looking for a fresh, whole squid then look no further. Our whole local squid also has the ink sacks in tact. When cleaning your squid, prepare it as close as possible to the cooking time to give the best possible flavour. Also, avoid the use of excess water.
 Whole Local Squid
Live Black Muscles The black mussel is soft and sweet with a rich buttery flavour. Perfect tossed in garlic, butter and herbs or served in paella, or marinara.
 Live Black Muscles<
Oysters Oysters have a fresh, sweet, clean, salty flavour and are one of seafood lovers most popular choices!
We offer 2 varieties of oysters:
The Coffin Bay Oyster
We receive regular deliveries of fresh, unopened oysters from South Australia. They are then opened fresh in-store on the day of purchase – ensuring a superior tasting product.



NZ Pacific Oyster A lovely flavoured oyster, the NZ Pacific Oyster has a fresh, clean and salty flavour.
Tasmanian Oyster Award Winning Oyster.
The Tassie Oyster is a slightly smaller oyster with a creamy flavour


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Ingham Road Kebabs Entertaining? Barbequing? Why not try our fresh made Prawn & Capsicum Kebabs. The large prawns have been marinated in a Lemon & Garlic marinade and skewered with Capsicum. These kebabs are perfect for pan frying and barbequing. A simple meal with a fantastic flavour sure to impress!
 Ingham Road Kebabs
Marinara Mix We make our own fresh Marinara Mix in-store daily. You wont find fresher! Suitable for use in pastas, risottos, stir fries, pan fried – you name it! Check out our recipes for Spaghetti Marinara and Seafood Chowder.
 Marinara Mix


(Check out our
range of Platters)

One of our specialties!
Our fantastic platters are made from a combination of various in-season seafoods. This may consist of prawns, bugs, mudcrabs, oysters, smoked products and lobster. Platters can be made to your selection. All platters include seafood selection, seafood sauce, lemon/lime wedges and are presented on a re-usable plate.
Platters are a unique gift idea!
 Seafood Platters
Salt & Pepper Prawns Hand prepared tail-on prawn with a light salt & pepper coating. This delicate restaurant standard product combines the great flavour of prawn with a well balanced salt & pepper coating which will make it a favourite for all
 Ingham Road Prawns
Butterfly marinated Prawns Tender raw butterfly prawns in the shell with a garlic marinade........a truly quality product
 Ingham Road Prawns
Tempura Fish Cocktails Tender morsels of fish fillet, skinless & boneless, coated in a crisp light batter. Perfect for buffets, children's meals, parties, or add to your own seafood basket.
 Ingham Road Tempura Fish
Crumbed Seafood Basket A variety of quality crumbed seafood in a convenient 200gm portion control pack - Each pack consists of (2 pieces crumbed fish, 2 crumbed prawn cutlets, 2 crumbed squid rings, 3 crumbed scallops
 Ingham Road Seafood Basket
Marinated Seafood Skewers 125gms of quality seafood and vegetables on a skewer (2 x green prawn cutlets, 2 pieces of fish, calamari, capsicum and spanish onion)with an excellent quality herb & garlic marinade coatingr coating
 Ingham Road Skewers
Crumbed Calamari Rings Tenderised natural squid rings coated with a light crumb
 Ingham Road Calamari
Salt & Pepper Squid Tenderised natural pieces of pineapple cut squid with a well balanced salt & pepper coating
 Ingham Road Squid
Dim Sims with Vegetables


Deep Fried

 Ingham Road Dim sims
Herb & Garlic Marinated Prawn Skewers

Two prawns with a delicious herb and garlic marinade on a unique tapas skewer......a great Tapas idea for functions and BBQ’s

 Ingham Road Prawn Skewers